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Our business relies on quality reliable performance from all of our subcontractors. We know this is critical to our customers and our own reputation in the industry. I have found Stone Roofing of Azusa to be a reputable and very reliable contractor for all our commercial customer needs. Their capabilities are respected by many of our business acquaintances in the Los Angeles Basin from Huey Fong Foods to Queen of the Valley Hospital. We will continue to recommend their services to any customer who needs repairs or complete roofing on new and existing commercial structures. Anna Cotter is the professional at Stone Roofing who we rely on to make every job run smoothly from the first call to the completed job. Highly recommended!

Doug Beach / Sales Manager Emergency Services

We would like to express to you how impressed we are with your company. The supervisor, Eddy and Alonso and the crew were a pleasure to work with. They arrived on time, kept us abreast of what was being done and always left the area clean. They were very courteous and professional by making sure that our business was not affected while they were working on the project. THEY are a representation of your company and we must say, your company is well represented. Your office staff was also extremely professional and available to answer our questions. We hope to have a continuing relationship as we move forward. It has been a pleasure.

Christine Amira / Grocery Facility Owner

We have used Stone Roofing for over 10 years on many projects and sites; ranging from new build multi-family construction, to new roofing for retail and industrial properties. They have always been professional, cooperative and genuinely good to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any roofing jobs.

P. Yedidsion / Property Owner

Stone Roofing delivers an exceptional customer experience and great to work with. They completed our annual preventative maintenance with no tenant disruptions. They provided a completed roof report with details and picture documentation. I would recommend Stone Roofing to any property management company if you want the job done right.

Nevin Finnie / Luxury Apartments Maintenance Supervisor

Stone Roofing has been nothing but a great company to work with! They are so professional and strive for perfection in everything they do!

Parker Hope

Thank you for your hard work and helping with our bids. Stone Roofing is always very competitive with their bids and does solid work. Keep up the good work we appreciate Stone Roofing.

Craig Denery / General Contractor

Eddy at Stone Roofing is such a great resource and always has the best solutions for our projects. We really like doing business with Stone Roofing.

Thanks for doing a great job on the BDF in Valencia.

Joe Hunter / General Contractor - Assistant Project Manager

Stone Roofing has always performed excellent work. Stone Roofing has always communicated well and has completed work in a timely fashion. Some of the qualities that we have appreciated all of these years in working with Stone Roofing is that they used good quality materials, they take pride in their work, and their employees are always friendly and professional.

Jeremy Hill / Vice President of Operations

Stone Roofing is a good company to work with. Their staff is professional and responsive. The offices staff is responsive to calls and the roofer was professional and had many years of experience. They were able to pinpoint the leak and resolve the issue quickly. When you have roof leak the most valuable qualities are timely responsiveness and quality work and Stone’s team exhibited both. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Sangita Narang / Property Owner

Stone Roofing is such a pleasure to work with and get the job done right! We are planning to send you more business moving forward. Very pleased with workmanship and customer service. Thank you for your help!

Nathaniel Carlson / Property Management Company

“Since meeting Joey and discussing his safety program at Stone Roofing Company, I was impressed with their Safety Program in place. Their Safety Program, injury statistics, and EMR rating was remarkable in comparison to other roofing contractors. Stone Roofing has since been placed on our approved contractor list. CSI Electrical Contractors is looking forward to working with Stone Roofing.”

George Bone / VP Safety & Risk Management

Stone Roofing is a truly excellent company to work with. Their staff is very attentive and quick to respond to questions and needs. They really took the time to communicate effectively with us and everyone we have dealt with has been a total professional.

Lance McCord / Property Owner

Working with Stone Roofing Inc. has always been a pleasure. The staff is wonderful and the company does really care about their employees. I would highly recommend their services, especially because I know that it is a great company to work for.

Laura Corona / Glendora Services

Stone Roofing was responsible, professional, and arrived quickly. Their response time whenever we needed a follow up visit or repair was swift and thorough.

Fran Loeffler / Charter School - Business Manager

Very friendly company. Working with them has been a breeze. Incredibly knowledgeable and professional!

Megan de Anda / Property Owner

Stone Roofing has completed multiple jobs for my company and we feel strong about their ability to get the job done and even go above their proposed scope of work. Thank you

Chad Mast / Roofing Service Partner

Staff is always professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. Quality service with years of experience.

Theresa Latasa Mumma

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