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Industrial facility roofs often must accommodate equipment installations and frequent foot traffic. Some may be exposed to chemical exhaust or temperature extremes. Because of the environment, the highest regard for safety and OSHA standards must be maintained at all times. Interior protection from falling debris as well as ground-to-roof communication is mandatory. Often working 24-hour shifts, there is no downtime for a manufacturing & industrial commercial roofing project.

Commercial roofing systems for manufacturing and industrial buildings all look good at first, but the true cost of a roofing system is much more than just the initial expense. The real cost has to be measured over the lifetime of the commercial roof. How much energy is your new roof saving or costing you? What does it really cost to keep your roof in serviceable condition?  What is the life expectancy of your roof? All these questions should be answered to understand the total cost or your roofing system.

Asset management, capital expenditure ROI (return on investment), and short and long-term maintenance plans are key considerations in developing a successful roofing plan for projects within the manufacturing & industrial market sector.

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“We have used Stone Roofing for over 10 years on many projects and sites; ranging from new build multi-family construction, to new roofing for retail and industrial properties. They have always been professional, cooperative and genuinely good to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any roofing jobs.”

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