Cinema La Habra

La Habra, CA

Project Background

Stone Roofing was tasked with working on a particularly challenging job for a large cinema in La Habra, California. The 58,800 square foot commercial roof was initially in poor condition. The roof had many open seams in addition to cracked sealant at most coping and penetration locations. With the threat of losing business on a rainy day in the future, it was clear that the cinema’s re-roofing project was urgent.

Stone Roofing has over 80+ years working in the commercial roofing business and with our exceptional highly-trained staff and onsite problem solving capabilities, the project was completed on time and with the highest quality materials and the utmost quality found in the Southern California commercial roofing industry.

The establishment originally had a black roof installed. With the addition of the new, reflective white membrane and lightweight coverboard, the cinema now realizes significant cost savings in their energy bill. In addition, they now have a complete, watertight roof assembly guaranteed by Stone Roofing Company.

An excellent choice for reducing energy bills, TPO single ply roofing systems keep buildings cooler in the summer due to their thermal conductivity and reflective properties.

Stone Roofing is proud to have played an important role for this project in the entertainment industry.

Project Details

58,800 Sq. Ft.

La Habra, California

Single Ply

Entertainment & Hospitality


White 60 Mil TPO Membrane Mechanically attached over Coverboard and the Existing

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