Floor & Decor, Murrieta

Murrieta, CA

Project Background

Stone Roofing was thrilled to reroof Floor & Decor located in the Murrieta Town Center shopping complex. This roofing project presented a multitude of challenges, including changes to the scope of service, unanticipated conditions on site, and tight project deadlines.

Boasting over 80+ years of superior roofing skills and know-how working in the commercial roofing industry with all types of roofing systems, Stone Roofing completed the job to the client’s satisfaction in time with zero safety incidents.

The existing roof in its end of life condition consisted of a multi-ply built up roof, surfaced with a granulated layer of cap sheet. Rather than tearing off the entire roof, Stone Roofing simply cleaned the roof of any debris or protrusions in order to install a new roofing system over the existing roof. The new roof system installed by Stone Roofing now consists of reflective white 60 Mil TPO membrane mechanically attached to a recover board over the existing built up system.

One of the lightest, most recyclable materials on the market, TPO Roofing features a built-in Ultra Violet protection, making it one of the most weather-resistant roofing materials on the market. Because it is a polymer, it is a great insulator that also protects buildings from the elements, as it does not conduct sound, electricity, or heat as much as most materials.

Keeping buildings cooler in the summer due to their thermal conductivity and reflective properties, TPO is also very impact resistant and resilient, making it a prime choice when considering roofing systems that will stand up to harsh storms. TPO is one of the most popular choices for commercial single ply roofing systems available today.

Overall, Stone Roofing is proud to have accomplished another successful project for a new partner in the retail industry and to have completed the roofing project safely and on schedule.


Project Details

84,200Sq. Ft.

Murrieta, California

Single Ply



White 60 Mil TPO Membrane Mechanically Fastened over Recover Board and the
Existing Built Up Roof

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