Golden West College Student Services

Huntington Beach, CA

Project Background

Golden West College is a community college founded in 1965 near the Southern California coast. The college’s mission is to provide students a path to transfer to a 4-year school, as well as provide affordable courses in licensed trades and skilled professions. Today, over 12,000 students enroll at Golden West College each year.

Stone Roofing Company was tasked with completing the installation of the 34,900 Sq. Ft. Golden West College’s Student Services roof. This new construction roofing project is located at the heart of the Huntington Beach campus with the purpose of satisfying all student needs, including admissions, financial aid, cultural programs, veteran resources, counseling, transfer programs, and more.

The roofing system installed is very common in the Southern California industry currently, consisting of 60 mil white PVC membrane over cover board and insulation. The reflective, white PVC helps deter incoming radiation from the hot sun, complimenting the insulation well and keeping energy costs down.

PVC roofing is very flame resistant, impact-resistant and resilent, making it an excellent choice for Single Ply new construction projects, and it’s a roofing system that Stone Roofing is very experienced with installing.

Overall, Stone Roofing is proud to have worked with Golden West College in installing another commercial roof system successfully and is thrilled to have partnered with them to complete their roofing project.

Project Details

34,900 Sq. Ft.

Huntington Beach, California

Single Ply

Education / Office

New Construction

60 Mil Reflective PVC Membrane over Coverboard and Insulation

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