Monterey Pass Project

Monterey Park, CA

Project Background

Stone Roofing Company was thrilled to be called on to complete the Monterey Pass re-roofing project for a private property owner. Given the existing cap sheet roof was nearing its end of life, Stone Roofing worked intentionally and diligently to ensure a clean and successful project for the facility. With the tenants being in the manufacturing/industrial industry, it was crucial that Stone Roofing deliver quality workmanship and attential to detail to protect any expensive equipment below.

The commercial roofing project consisted of first removing all debris and existing roofing down to the plywood deck. From there, Stone Roofing installed a reflective single ply TPO roofing system, complete with insulation, coverboard, equipment flashings, wall flashings, walk pads, support blocks, and coping.

Boasting a long track record of roofing and re-roofing in the manufacturing and industrial markets in the entire state of California, Stone Roofing completed the project with the highest quality and pace to completion, providing top-notch roofing expertise and friendly customer service each step of the way.

As one of California’s oldest and most trusted commercial roofing companies, Stone Roofing prides itself on its high quality roofing solutions and partners with their clients through the entire process – from design to budgeting, to installation, to follow up – providing service long after your roof has been repaired or installed.


Project Details

10,000 Sq. Ft.

Monterey Park, California

Single Ply

Manufacturing / Industrial


White 60 Mil TPO Mechanically Attached over Coverboard, Polyiso Insulation, and the
Existing Plywood Deck

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Monterey Park Commercial Re-roofing project