Upland Office

Upland, CA

Project Background

Stone Roofing Company recently conducted a 7,800 Sq. Ft. re-roofing project for a construction company office building in Upland, California. The original roof consisted of cap sheet torch down membrane, but due to its condition, a re-roof service was necessary.

With over 80 years of commercial roofing experience and know-how, Stone Roofing was prepared to re-roof this office with no interruptions to the client’s workdays. A protection mat was first placed on top of the existing roof to prepare for the new system. The new system installed was a white 60 Mil TPO membrane roof, complete with all equipment flashings, wall flashings, walk pads, and coping.

Stone Roofing is proud to have re-roofed this office space and thrilled to form another strong relationship with an awesome client.

TPO roofing is one of the lightest, most recyclable materials on the market and with its built-in, Ultra Violet protection, it is also one of the most weather-resistant materials. Because it is a polymer, it is a great insulator that also protects buildings from the elements, as it does not conduct sound, electricity, or heat as much as most materials.

TPO single ply roofing systems are known for keeping buildings cooler in the summer due to their thermal conductivity and reflective properties, making them an excellent choice when considering roofing systems for Southern California properties.


Project Details

7,800 Sq. Ft.

Upland, California

Single Ply



White 60 Mil TPO Mechanically Attached over a Protection Mat and the Existing Roof Deck

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