Zion Market

Buena Park, CA

Project Background

A popular Korean-Amercian Supermarket, Zion Market is a 26,200 sq. ft. property located on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park California. Committed to bringing quality products at affordable prices to the community, Zion Market is known for their fresh local produce to their everyday essentials for your favorite Korean Ingredients.

A re-roofing project led by the highly-trained, experienced commercial roofers at Los Angeles County-based trusted Roofers Stone Roofing, Zion market received a Stone-installed Title 24 Approved, White Reflective, United Coatings roof coating system on a low sloped deck. This is a seamless, fluid-applied acrylic membrane system designed for application over modified bitumen roof substrates.

Reflective coatings for commercial roofs create a protective barrier between the roof substrate and the heat of th Sun. White reflective coatings are known for shielding the roof from the chemical breakdown caused by the Sun’s harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays and for helping minimalize erosion caused by weather.  Reflecting the UV rays away from the roof, also allows the roofing system’s temperature to remain lower, slowing the substrate’s rate of aging – prolonging the life span of your current roof. 

Serving the entire state of California since 1934, Stone Roofing Company is proud of the work we do and of the partnerships we have built over the years. It was our pleasure to install Zion Market’s roof coating and we are thrilled with the results.

Project Details

26,200 Sq. Ft.

Buena Park, California


Retail / Food Processing & Storage


Reflective White Acrylic Coating

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