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A roof system is arguably the most vulnerable part of a building’s exterior. Ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, hail, heat, and sleet all affect a roof system’s performance, making it vitally important to practice regular commercial roof maintenance.

Los Angeles County-based Commercial Roofing Company Stone Roofing regularly assists California building owners and property managers with their yearly and bi-yearly roofing preventive maintenance check-ups. A highly recommended commercial and industrial building practice for extending the life of any Southern California commercial roofing system, an annual roofing check-up can help business owners keep up with small roofing problems that if left unchecked, can potentially lead to larger more expensive problems.

To prevent potentially expensive and dangerous consequences, commercial building owners need to hire a roofing professional to inspect their roof annually or perform the inspection themselves.

A trusted commercial roofing contractor can complete an inspection that reveals any hidden problems. The inspection should cover analysis of general roof conditions with detailed written assessment, analysis of the environmental conditions affecting the roof, recommendations based on observed roof conditions with photographs, along with cost estimates for any recommended solutions.

California Commercial Roof Maintenance Benefits include:

  • Find Problems Before they Start
  • Extend Roof Service Life
  • Provides Detailed Roof Information
  • Creates Historical Roof Files
  • Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Can Qualify for Restoration
  • Maintenance Expenses are Tax-Deductible
  • Can Protect Your Roof From Other Trade Damage

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If you are performing your own roofing inspection, check out our 7-Point Roofing Maintenance Checklist below for simple basic maintenance recommendations from our highly-trained, certified roofing contractors.

The following 7-point checklist reveals all the signs of commercial roofing damage that you need to know.

7-Point California Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist:

Check for Ponding Water

Even in Southern California, water ponding on a flat commercial roof is major damage waiting to happen. Eventually, the water corrodes the roof structure, weakening it and potentially leading to mold growth. Even if the ponding water has since evaporated, there are subtle signs that indicate that part of the roof has been exposed to ponding.

During the inspection, it is important to check for color changes or stains around drains, which indicates water has ponded there for a lengthy period. In addition, the inspection should test for slow-draining lines and blockages. When areas prone to standing water are detected, the next step is to check for underlying damage.

Clear Roof Debris

Other contractors that access your roof may occasionally leave tools or trash behind which can potentially cause damage to your roof. To note, a majority of leak service calls received can be attributed to workers leaving screws and other tools of the trade behind that can cause damage to the roof.

Pro Tip: After contractors perform any work on your roof, do a thorough inspection to check for any screws or other work debris left behind.

Clear Gutters & Drains

Regular inspection of commercial roof drains and gutter areas is a must-do as debris can prevent excess water from draining off your roof. Leaves, branches, garbage and other items trapped in drains and roof corners are particularly concerning. Foliage and debris can easily build up in these areas causing water to back up into a building causing leaks and expensive damages.

Pro Tip: A good schedule to follow is to check twice per year, especially after the autumn season when leaves can accumulate on roof areas.

Touch-Up Exposed Caulking

Over time, roof areas that have caulking or other sealants applied to seal their edges can become damaged from the elements. Sometimes the slightest cracking or pulling away of caulk can lead to minor leaks in your roof.

Pro Tip: The experienced commercial roofing contractors at Stone Roofing always recommend inspecting exposed caulking areas and touching up areas of concern if needed.

Pay Attention to Pitch Pockets/Pans

Similar to exposed caulking areas, pitch pockets/pans are also vulnerable and susceptible to cracking over time. It is a good practice to inspect these areas regularly and if needed, re-top them off with new pour-able sealant to protect these areas from further UV deterioration as pitch pockets/pans are common areas for leaks.

Pro Tip: If you forgot and did not budget for 2021 commercial roof maintenance, it is not too late. Spending a little bit today can save a tremendous amount of time and money tomorrow. Book your roofing maintenance service call with our highly-trained, certified Los Angeles roofing contractors today at 1-800-31-STONE.

Clean Grease Trap areas

Not all commercial roofs have grease vents that ‘spit’ grease onto the roof but if your roof does, such as a stand along restaurant building, this is a main area of attention that should be regularly cleaned and inspected as grease can cause major issues to roofs over time.

Pro Tip: A good maintenance practice is to have vents, roofs, and grease traps cleaned regularly by a local professional roofing company and always make sure a protective sheet of membrane is installed around these areas as well.

Check the Roof Field for Cracking & Tearing

The roof field is the main part of the roof and excludes the flashing and perimeter. Roof fields are subject to cuts and tears that allow water into the roof deck, resulting in structural damage. If a roof field tear is suspected but cannot be located, a professional roof inspector can conduct a “flood test” to find the source of the leak.

Commercial roofing systems play a vital role in keeping your business running smoothly. When they are compromised, your business loses time, money and productivity. By scheduling regular roof inspections, you protect your investment in your commercial building and enterprise. By utilizing this roof inspection checklist, you ensure the smooth operation of your company. If you notice leaks, clogging or other signs of roof damage, contact a trusted local roofing professional right away.

Stone Roofing Company, Inc. are experts in the commercial roofing industry and have been delivering the highest quality and personalized customer service in Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles area for over 80 years. If you need your commercial roof inspected, you’ll receive a custom quote from one of our professional roofing contractors who will identify your roofing issues and solution options. Counties we serve include Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside & San Bernardino. Licensed in California and Arizona.

Are you looking for a trusted California Commercial Roofing Contractor? Book your free, no-obligation roof maintenance inspection today at (800) 31-STONE.

7-Point Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check for Ponding Water

  2. Clear Roof Debris

  3. Clear Gutters & Drains

  4. Touch Up Exposed Caulking

  5. Pay Attention to Pitch Pockets/Pans

  6. Clear Grease Trap Areas

  7. Check Roof Field for Cracking & Tearing

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