The Spotlight is on Commercial Roofing – Fonda Center Los Angeles

Stone Roofing had the pleasure to complete a commercial roof project for the Historical Fonda Theatre. The Fonda Theatre is a Historic 1920’s concert venue located on Hollywood Boulevard and considered a Monument in the city of Los Angeles. The Fonda Theatre hosts live events, films and radio broadcasts.  Stone Roofing was selected as the most qualified roofing contractor, with over 80 years accomplishing the most unique and challenging roofing projects. Our experience and commitment to quality and our customers makes Stone Roofing stand out in the Arts & Entertainment industry.

Stone Roofing enjoyed working closely with the owners, and designed a roof system that would not impede with the structure itself. The existing roof assembly was completely deteriorated and was constantly leaking. By adding a highly reflective roof surface, the foam roof system increased its R value. The 1.5” Foam Roof has an approx. R value of 10.  Bright white granules embedded in white acrylic coating over new Polyurethane roof system on the flat roof areas and a tan color on the sloped roof area was utilized keep glare down on their roof top deck area. This roof system was designed to keep the existing roof system in place and allow us to redesign the slope of the roof for better roof drainage. We also sealed all the exposed HVAC duct work on the roof; which will help save the Fonda Theatre money on Heating and Cooling expenses.  The benefit of having this type of roof assembly is that over the years it will provide a cost savings to the Fonda Theatre.