Common Commercial Roof Maintenance Myths

Regular commercial roof maintenance is vital to your Los Angeles or Southern California commercial roof, as it ensures that your roof will perform correctly throughout the year. Unfortunately, several widespread myths about the importance of commercial roof maintenance have made some property owners doubt the importance of investing in this service.

Myth #1 Roof Warranty Covers Everything

Avoiding commercial roof maintenance because you think your warranty has you covered in the event of damage is a big mistake. Most roofing warranties cover the roofing material, tiles, and shingles, but not the underlayment.

Myth #2 Having a Warranty Means You Don’t Need Maintenance

Remember: your commercial roof’s warranty covers the things out of your control, such as manufacturer defects or workmanship errors. It does not cover regular wear and tear. So, even if you have a strong warranty on your roofing system, you still need to invest in regular maintenance.

Myth #3 Preventative Roof Maintenance Is Unnecessary

Preventative roof maintenance is better than reactive maintenance. Having preventative maintenance keeps your roof in top shape, which means less maintenance work in the long run.

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