Cool Roofs: A Simple Guide for California Commercial Property Owners

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Learn about Cool Roofing Systems and the benefits they offer with tips from the roofing experts at Stone Roofing Company.

In our last post, we discussed the effects of summer heat on your California commercial roof and in our latest post, we’re diving deeper into how you can beat the summer heat and benefit by installing a cool roofing system on your commercial building. Read on to learn about what you need to know about cool roofs and the benefits they offer.

If you are in the market for a new commercial roof or you are planning a re-roofing project in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino Counties, you may have heard the term “cool roof” or “cool roofing” and are wondering what that means. Designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, cool roofs are known for absorbing less solar energy, which in turn lowers the temperature of buildings just as wearing lighter colored clothing on hot summer days helps keep you cool. Do you want to learn about the top benefits of installing a cool roof on your commercial building? Keep reading to learn about the different types of cool roofing systems and why they are better for your building.

What Is a Cool Roof?

Best serving commercial buildings in sunny, high-heat, urban areas, a cool roof is a roofing system designed to limit a building’s interactions with UV rays. Consisting of materials that are both heat-resistant and light in color, this combination helps these roofs and their buildings consume less energy while remaining comfortable for occupants within the building. Having a reputation for lasting longer than traditional roofing materials, cool roofs allow commercial property owners and managers to benefit with lower maintenance costs and more added structural security when dangerous weather conditions occur in the area.

How Do Cool Roofs Work?

Cool roofs repel a significant percentage of the sun’s heat. The combination of light colors and their unique molecular make-up helps these roofs bounce UV rays back out into the world, reducing the amount of warmth that the roof and building retain.

Some of the most commonly used cool roofing materials include:

  • Asphalt shingles

  • Concrete tiles

  • EPDM roofing membranes

  • Metal sheets

  • Slate tiles

  • Solar panels

When exposed to high levels of UV radiation, these materials incur very little damage and for that reason, they require less maintenance while also providing protection for the building from other roof-related problems, including leaks.

Whether you are looking to cut your monthly expenses or you are looking for ways to go greener by reducing your carbon footprint on the planet, there are several benefits of choosing a cool roof system.

Key Benefits of Choosing a Cool Roofing System for Your California Roofing Project

On the financial end, cool roofs lower your building’s overall maintenance costs. When you don’t have to worry about solar wear and tear, you may only need to call a local commercial roofing expert for an annual roofing inspection. Commercial cool roof systems also reduce your monthly air conditioning bills, allowing you to allocate that money elsewhere. The way commercial cool roofs take on and disperse heat also impacts your building’s relationship with the environment; because these roofs absorb less warmth than standard roofs, they experience fewer heat-related black-outs. That being the case, you won’t be as vulnerable to power outages when temperatures in your city start to rise.

It’s Cool to Make An Impact!

One of the most important benefits of cool roofing systems is their impact on surrounding urban areas. By reducing the heat-retaining materials on the roof, the temperatures are not as affected by the heat island effect – an occurrence that happens when a concentrated space becomes cluttered with heat-retaining materials and human waste -it rises in temperature. In addition, this type of heat produces a significant amount of CO2, which contributes to climate change worldwide. That’s why urban areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and other metropolitan areas can be notably warmer than their more suburban sisters. To reduce a city’s carbon footprint, individual commercial building owners can reduce the amount of heat their particular building releases, giving cool roofs the potential to benefit not only individual property owners, but entire cities and the planet as well.

PRO TIP: By choosing a Cool Roofing System, you can make a meaningful contribution to California’s green initiatives while you reduce your energy expenses!

Almost Any Roof Can Be Cool Roof

Almost any building’s roof can be turned into a cool roof because it is the top layer that determines whether a roof is cool or not. That said, there are a few different types of cool roofing systems and which one a roofing company uses on your roof depends on the style of roof you already have. It’s all about figuring out the best way to install or apply a coating to make that roof cool.

Did You Know: You don’t have to install a whole new roof to make it cool. Almost any existing roof can be made cool.

Better Moisture Control

Especially in moist, warm locations, cool roof surfaces can be more susceptible to mold growth or algae than hot roofs. However, there are roof coatings that include select chemicals and ingredients that prevent algae or mold growth for years. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you hire the right professionals, who will use the right cool roof solution for the climate you live in.

Cool Roofs Offer Easy Installation

A cool roof can be applied to almost any existing roof and the materials are easy to use and can be easily reapplied. Opting for a cool roof will save you time and money, and help you avoid demolition time.

Cool Roofs Are Energy-Efficient

Opting to install a cool roof on your business will reduce your carbon footprint and help your company move towards a more sustainable future.

You’ll Extend Your Roof’s Life Span

When you install a cool roof that deflects heat, you’ll prolong the life of your roof as there will be less damage from heat.

You’ll Reduce Urban Heat

Cool roofs help reduce excess urban heat. A small change in temperature makes a big difference when it comes to energy demand. As a result, having a cool roof will help strengthen the electric grid in your area and will lower the chance of an outage.

A Cool Roof Pays for Itself

There are so many benefits for opting to install a cool roof on your commercial space. Not only will you be lowering your carbon footprint, but you’ll be saving energy and money and your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep your business cool.

Should You Consider Installing a Cool Roof on Your Los Angeles County or Surrounding Commercial Building?

While installing a cool roof above your California business can be an investment, cool roofs tend to pay themselves off over the course of a few years with money saved on bills and necessary roofing maintenance. For more information about whether or not a cool roof may benefit your commercial or industrial building, contact the roofing professionals in your area.


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