Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late……

Prepare your commercial roof for the rainy season. 

With the rainy season almost upon us, it is important to prepare your roof by performing annual inspections and making the necessary repairs to ensure your roof is ready to protect your investment to its full potential. Like your car, for a roof to function at its best, it requires periodic maintenance and inspections. This helps identify minor issues and repair them before they become major problems that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

  • Make sure the gutters are clear of debris and that drains are clear and flowing.
  • If your downspouts drain into interior drain lines or underground drains make sure these lines are clear and flowing as well.
  • Make sure that any debris that has accumulated on the roof is cleaned off and disposed of.
  • Pipe and vent flashings should be checked to ensure they are sealed and attached properly.
  • If your building has skylights make sure they are properly sealed, secured in place with no visible deterioration.
  • Check flat roof surfaces for deterioration and damaged areas.

In order to avoid the costs and hassles caused by roof leaks (i.e.: frustrated tenants damaged interior belongings, concessions, etc.) an inspection of your existing roof assembly is highly recommended prior to the onset of the winter rains.

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