Essentials to hiring a Certified, Experienced Los Angeles Commercial Roofing Company

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Why It’s Essential To Hire a Certified & Licensed Los Angeles County Commercial Roofing Company

Roofing is not an easy task, and it takes a particular set of skills and extensive industry knowledge to excel. Fortunately for property owners in California, there are licensing and certification requirements for roofers. However, another way you can distinguish who does good work from those that do not excel at their craft is by their level of experience. Their experience and years in business give property owners and property managers a clear indication of who knows what they are doing and who does not. It also speaks to which roofing companies will be around next year, or down the road when you need them.

Choosing the right Los Angleles County Commercial Roofing Contractor for your California roofing project will help you protect your asset from the top down.

Hiring a licensed and experienced commercial roofing company is vital for the success of your Southern California roofing project. Because of its intricacies, not anyone can or should simply climb up on an industrial or commercial roof and make repairs. As hiring an inexperienced California roofing company or contractor can lead to roofing damages or potential injuries occuring on your property, finding a trusted roofing company to tackle your roofing repairs is vitally important.

These are some of the leading benefits of hiring an experienced California roofing contractor / company.

Stress-Free Roofing

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing company will drastically reduce the chances of things going wrong or getting out of control while your roof is being repaired or replaced. There are some issues that only trained roof professionals know how to deal with quickly and execute efficiently. Roofers who have just started in this industry might take much longer with projects, making any roofing issues a lot worse.

Protect Your Investment & Safeguard Your Warranty

Allowing just about anyone to work on your commercial roof can potentially lead to you losing your roofing warranty. Your insurance is there to lend you a hand when your roof is in jeopardy. However, allowing inexperienced and / or unqualified roofers to work on your rooftop can lead to you losing your warranty, as insurers have no guarantee that these roofers know what they are doing. It’s best for you and your business to only have qualified contractors working on your roofing projects.

Cheap and Quality May Not Go Hand-in-Hand

If your roof needs a repair or replacement and your budget doesn’t have any room for unexpected roofing costs, it may be tempting to hire a budget roofing company. A fly-by-night company with cheaper fees might underquote the job, only to charge you significantly more later. In addition, these companies might install low grade roofing materials that will likely need repairs soon after installation.

Quality and experience come first

Selecting the right commercial roofing contractor for your roofing project should be your first priority. Business and Property Owners need to consider the following important guidelines when choosing a commercial roofing company.

Stone Roofing has a documented history of meeting and exceeding expectations in each category. Before selecting any roofing company or contractor, keep in mind that quality and experience come first when you make that final decision.

How Do I Pick The Right Southern California Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Research whether the prospective company satisfies these key areas of concern:

Business Reliability

Reliability starts at the top! Your roof will last over 20 years, so you want to make sure your roofing contractor will still be around. We suggest choosing a commercial roofing contractor with at least 10 years in the Southern California market. Check out your employer’s history with the Better Business Bureau

Financial Stability & Bonding

Make sure that your Roofing Contractor will guarantee all work and is bonded, and can assure financial strength.

Reputation & Integrity

Pictures can say a thousand words. Choosing a roofing contractor that can back up their claims of quality with on-site job pictures, both during the installation and of the final product, can help prevent surprises in quality and professionalism. Ask your roofing contractor for pictures and references of completed projects and in-progress photos.

24/7 Emergency Roofing Service

Emergency Roof Services Stone Roofing

Even the best roof can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen trees, vandals and other unexpected events. Who do you call? Confirm that your Roof Contractor is available 24/7 – 365 daysin case of unexpected emergencies.

Reviews Matter

When choosing a roofing company, it’s essential to read customer testimonials or read reviews to find out what their service is like from their previous customers. If there are no customers to refer to, you may not want your home to be the first project that they’ve ever worked on. It’s good to read and listen to both positive and negative reviews of your roofing company so that you can get an accurate image of what it’s like working with them.

All Under One Roof

Using multiple contractors or subcontractors for different trades as Sheet Metal and AC will lead to longer timelines and finger-pointing. Ask your roofer who will be working on your roof.

Extended Warranties

Only contractors with enough experience, square feet installed, and repair ratio can offer you an extra 5 to 10 years on your warranty. Check with the manufacturer and make sure your warranty gets registered.

Permit Processing

The #1 reason for delays in projects is incorrect permitting. Choose a contractor that can show you how many permits they process in your city. Ask your contractor how many permits they process on a monthly basis.

Safety, First

Commercial Roofing Safety Stone Roofing

Safety should be the number one priority. Ask your contractor about their Roof Safety Program. Do they have a safety prevention plan with a good construction plan in place?

Roofing Repairs

You have a job to do and it should not be the roof. Ask for references from customers 5 years past and ask how many roofing repairs were needed after installation.

Best Value Proposition

Know what you are getting for your money. The price is competitive but over the life of the roof, which bid is your lowest cost/ROI?

Roofing projects are serious business. Ensure that you do all your homework when it comes to finding a professional roofing company. For commercial roofing services that will never let you down, call the commercial roofing specialists at Los Angeles County-based Stone Roofing Company today!

Hiring Roofers Near Me – Do you need a trusted Los Angeles County or Southern California Commercial Roofing Company?

If you’re looking for professional commercial roofing contractors in Los Angeles, Southern California or surrounding counties, don’t hesitate to contact the trusted, highly experienced roofing specialists at Stone Roofing Company at (800) 317-8663.

Stone Roofing will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today!


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