Is it Time for a New Commercial Roof?

commercial re-roofing

Do You Need a New Roofing System?

If your Los Angeles County, California or surrounding commercial or industrial  roof is getting older, your roof  leaks, or it has serious damage to its structure or membranes, then an upgrade in the New Year is probably a good idea. While new construction for a commercial roof can be a big undertaking,  it’s usually well worth the effort. Has your roof been compromised by wear and tear over the years and you are not sure whether you can get by with some roofing repairs? Below are signs that it’s time to consider getting a new commercial roof.

Top Indicators You Need a New Commercial Roof

California Commercial Roof Leaks & Roof Damage

Sometimes, leaks can be fixed  with a simple roofing repair, but often they are signs that something more serious is going on with the roof. If you have serious leaks, you may have other problems with your roof, and it may be time for a new commercial roof. Damage to the roofing membranes, damage to flashings, or damage to the deck can also be a sign that it is time to consider re-roofing your building. 

California Structural Roof Damage

Old roofs or roofs that have undergone some sort of accident can become structurally unsound. When this happens, it doesn’t just endanger your roof but the integrity of the entire building. If a roof is sagging or bending, it’s time to get a new commercial roof as soon as possible.

Invest in your Building’s Longevity

The cost of a new commercial roof can be off-putting, but the investment in your property goes a long way. Not only can new commercial roofs last for more than 20 years, they also protect the rest of the building from damage. 

Without a good roof, your building may be exposed and susceptible to damage from storms or moisture and the potential costs from this type of roofing  damage can put a huge, unexpected dent in your budget and even disrupt your day-to-day business operations.

Damage to Roof Equipment or Penetrations

Damage to roof accessories like flashings, drains, or penetrations including skylights can be a cause for a roof replacement. Sometimes, these accessories can’t be replaced, and you will need a whole new roof.

Improve Energy Efficiency

In terms of commercial roofing, energy efficiency technology has come a long way in the past  few years, and roofs play a large part in how many of those technologies function. A new commercial roof can get better insulation or be fitted for solar panels or some other type  of technology to help lower electricity bills and make your building more efficient.

Get a Brand New Design

Whether you want your building to be more environmentally friendly or you just want to add skylights, a  new commercial roof opens up a whole world of design possibilities and opportunities to add design elements and more eco-friendly materials.

California Roofing Materials Matter

Do you find yourself doing more roof repair and maintenance than you should? As material safety and efficiency has improved over the years, upgrading your roofing materials may be necessary to keep it structurally sound and ready for whatever elements the weather has in store.

While you may like the look of a certain roof type, it may not work well for your specific location. Certain weather conditions can cause a roof to damage faster, so it’s important to consult with a professional, certified  roofing  contractor. A roof contractor can help you decide which building materials are best for your building.

If you’re looking for professional, stress-free commercial roofing services in Los Angeles County or surrounding, don’t hesitate to contact the expert roofing specialists at Stone Roofing Company.

Pro Tip: Hiring a licensed and experienced commercial roofing company is vital for the success of your roofing project. Because of its intricacies, not anyone can or should simply climb up on a roof and make repairs. As hiring an inexperienced roofing company or contractor can lead to roofing damages or potential injuries occurring on your property, finding a trusted roofing company to tackle your roofing repairs is important.

Plan Ahead

While the continuing health crisis has brought historic changes to life as we know it, getting your roof inspected as soon as possible can help you plan ahead and get in front of any extra expenses you’ll need to budget for the new year.

New Year, New Southern California Commercial Roof

If you’re thinking about starting a new year with a new roof, consider Los Angeles County, California certified roofing company, Stone Roofing. We have more than 80 years of experience and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. To learn more about how Stone Roofing can help you get the most from your commercial roof, contact us today for your free roofing inspection and estimate.

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