Safety on the Roof, for any trade!

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Stone Roofing Company, Inc. ensures that Safety is the number one priority for its employees and clients. Rooftop safety is applicable for any trade where the worker will be working six (6’) feet or more above ground level. Working at heights can present fall hazards which could seriously injure a person, or cause death. By following these two simple steps, you will be able to identify if any employee working on your roof is working safely.

  • Ensure that extension ladders are properly set up with a 4:1 ratio. Every four (4’) feet the ladder goes up, it needs to be one (1’) foot from the wall. Also ensure that the ladder extends three (3”) feet past the roof line, and is secured at the top to prevent any displacement.
  • Where employees are working near an unprotected edge which does not have a parapet wall of at least twenty-four (24”) inches, ensure that the workers are using proper fall protection. Fall protection can be any of the following methods, or combination of guard rails, warning line system, safety monitor, fall restraint, or personal fall arrest system (PFAS).

At Stone Roofing Company, we pride ourselves in working safely and ensuring that we provide a safe work environment for clients. We practice safety daily, provide training to our employee’s, and ensure that we are in compliance with CAL/OSHA standards. Our company has a full-time Safety Coordinator whose sole responsibility is Safety; By choosing Stone Roofing for your next Roofing project, you can rest assured that the job will be done Safe and Right!

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