Spotlight on Solar Commercial Roofing

SCE ICO Warehouse

Project Description

Stone Roofing had the pleasure of completing a commercial roofing solar project. Property Owners are always looking for ways to reduce monthly costs, so solar energy is a great step in the right direction.  Stone Roofing is here to help property owners on any commercial roofing needs.

Light-weight, white reflective roof membrane was installed to reduce heat island effects of the building while providing the versatility of a heat-weldable material to protect the roof structure from water. This 465,000 sq. ft. roof was covered with a highly reflective, versatile TPO roofing membrane to meet the owners’ sustainability goals, desired warranty terms, and prepare for a solar panel installation by SunEdison. This project required precise coordination with SunEdison’s solar installation teams in order to keep 1,800 PV rack system standoff penetrations sealed to a water-tight condition at the end of each day. Combining a bright white reflective roof surface with the power of solar gives this warehouse, in the California desert of Hesperia, the highest levels of energy efficiency and savings.

Roof Project Details

Location:   Hesperia, CA

Size:  465,000 Sq. Ft.

Industry:  Distribution

Roofing System:  60 Mil Firestone TPO



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