The Spotlight is on Commercial Roofing – Retail – Big Lots

Big Lots Retail Commercial Roof

Stone Roofing Co., Inc. has the experience and knowledge to work on a variety of Retail projects. Currently Stone is the preferred contractor for 100’s of retail buildings throughout California. Successfully completing a project on a retail building requires planning and great communication with the owners, tenants, employees and customers.

Maintaining a safe environment for both customers and construction crews is our primary concern. Working in phases, scheduling during off business hours, clearly marking construction routes and zones, cleaning up and protecting work daily are all tasks perfected in over 80 years of business in the Commercial Roofing Industry.

Big Lots
Retail Project – Big Lot’s


Big Lot’s – Laguna Hills, Ca


26,600 Sq. Ft.



Roofing System

Title-24 Compliant, Cold-Applied Acrylic, Elastomeric Coating over Modified Built-Up Roof

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