Do you maintain your car?


Many people give more thought to maintaining their cars than to maintaining their roofs, but routine care extends the lives of both. Car owners who tune up, inspect, and take care of their vehicles prevent problems and keep overall expenses to a minimum. The same premise is true of building owners who periodically check and maintain their roofs.

A building’s roof system is one of the most important investments that provide building security; far too often a roof is abused, damaged and neglected. The primary cause of roof failure is poorly maintained roof systems.

Stone Roofing can provide a Roof Maintenance program designed to fit any new or existing roof system. Our Roof Maintenance program will extend the life of any roof system, as well as save on future costs to repair the damages of a neglected roof.


The Stone Roofing Roof Maintenance Program can provide the following benefits:

  • Extends the service life of any roof system
  • Maintains condition of roof system to minimize future and/or unexpected costs
  • Identifies and repairs all minor roof problems that could lead to unnecessary major repairs
  • Reduces bothersome leaks and their effect on a building’s interior activities in time of rain, such as property damage
  • Emergency relief in case of sudden roof damage due to a storm, rooftop equipment installation, break-in, etc.
  • Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reports on the condition of the roof to inform the Owner of unauthorized tenant improvements, roof abuse, or any circumstances that may jeopardize the integrity of the roof system
  • Creates the most proactive way to keep a roof system in good condition and prevent failure
  • Most significantly… saving money on all roof costs

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction for roof care and maintenance needs.  Remember if you maintain your car you should be maintaining your commercial roof!