How to Avoid Common Commercial Flat Roofing Mistakes

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If you want to effectively maintain your Los Angeles County commercial roof, here are common flat roofing mistakes you will want to avoid.

When it comes to California commercial flat roofing systems, one of the most important factors to consider to protect your investment is knowing the condition your roof is in, which is why the Los Angeles County, California certified roofing specialists at Stone Roofing Company recommend regular roofing maintenance inspections. In addition to knowing the current state of your roof and what repairs are needed, it’s equally important to know the costly mistakes you should avoid.

Even a person who has a good deal of knowledge about roofing can make poor decisions that can lead to damage to the roof to the point of requiring expensive emergency repairs or in extreme cases, the need for a costly premature roof replacement. If you want to effectively maintain your commercial roof, here are common flat roofing mistakes you will want to avoid.


Failure to Schedule California Roof Inspections

California commercial roofing maintenance inspections are extremely important, since they will apprise you of the general condition of your roof and inform you if it needs any repairs. If you do not schedule roofing inspections regularly, you will not know what the current condition is nor will you know if you need an emergency repair. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule reviews bi-annually and closely monitor adverse weather conditions that may affect the health of your roof.

Tip: Regular roofing inspections are needed even if you have a new roof, as it may have undetected flaws and your warranty only works if you keep up with your inspections.

Neglecting California Roof Leaks

In terms of addressing roof leaks, you should not procrastinate in performing repairs as leaving them unaddressed can lead to a host of problems, especially during the rainier months of winter. Even if it is a small leak, it can spread fast and can potentially destroy your roof.

Tip: Not all leaky roofs need to be replaced. In many cases, repairs can be made that can restore your roof’s integrity and extend its life for several years. It all starts with a professional inspection and evaluation that will provide an honest assessment of your roof’s condition. From there, a recommendation will advise you how best to proceed, whether it is with a roofing repair or full roof replacement.

Inadequate Insulation

Roof Insulation plays a crucial role in reducing heating and cooling costs for commercial buildings. And while insulation can affect energy efficiency and reduce utility bills, it can also impact your roof’s ability to perform properly. Without proper temperature regulation, your building may encounter excess heat and moisture, which will contribute to the degradation of the structure of your property. While it’s easier to keep a building warm during the winter than it is to cool it in the summer, you still don’t want to spend more on heating than you have to. The most common culprit is missing or inadequate insulation—every area where heat escapes from your building to the outside air adds to your bill. This is especially common in older buildings that were constructed using insulation that is less effective than today’s products. In addition, insulation can degrade or settle over time, creating weakened spots that allow heat to escape. In addition, if your commercialroof has water leaks, mold can form, decreasing the effectiveness of the insulation even more while potentially causing health hazards you’ll want to address sooner than later.


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There is no bigger investment than the one you have in your business. So it is essential that you take care of your flat roofing in California that protects all you have in your business. When your roof develops a problem, you will want the assistance of an honest, reliable roofing company. When searching for roofing companies in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernardion County & Orange County, CA, it is important that you choose the best commercial roofing contractors you can find.

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