Top Considerations for California Commercial Re-Roofing Projects

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Are You Considering a Reroofing Project? Stone Roofing Company Specialists Weigh In on What You Need to Know about Commercial Roof Replacement Services.

Your roof is an integral component of any Southern California or Los Angeles County, California commercial or industrial building. A dilapidated or leaking roof exposes your business to damage and liability, which can include expensive equipment, furniture and any inventory you may have stocked. It also protects your employees from harm as well as your customers in retail spaces. That said, it’s important to know when your roof has passed its prime and is on its last legs. If it is time for a commercial roof replacement, there are many factors and precautions to consider before embarking on your commercial reroofing project.

Time of year, experience of contractor, type of roofing system, and building use are all important factors among many other things to discuss and work through in prepping for a major construction project such as the installation of a new roofing system or reroofing project.


When budgeting and planning your Los Angeles County, California or surrounding commercial roofing project, here are our top considerations and tips for property managers and owners to keep in mind:

Request a Professional Roof Inspection: Is Your Roof Ponding?

Before you hire a commercial roofing company to re-roof your building, you need to have a professional roofer inspect the roof to ascertain if there is any presence of ponding, the act of water accumulating on the roof with nowhere to go which could indicate you have an issue with the drainage system. Excessive ponding can also result in algae buildup and permanent damage to the roof’s membrane and it is a surefire sign your roof has passed its prime, and it is probably time to look into reroofing.

PRO TIP: Always hire a reliable, licensed, certified commercial roofing contractor or roofing company who specializes in roof maintenance and re-roofing projects.

Repair or Replace: Can Your Southern California Property Benefit From Roof Repairs?

Before you start planning your California roof replacement, you first need to see whether a roofing contractor can fix the damage. Commercial roof repairs cost significantly less than a replacement, but they may not fix everything. You should hire a licensed roofing contractor to come out to your building to see what would be best for your roof. Make sure you hire someone with accreditations whose input you can trust.

PRO TIP: Get a free commercial roofing inspection from a trusted commercial roofing company to determine the condition of your roof and get an expert recommendation on best plan for moving forward with repairs, a roofing restoration or re-roofing.

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Will Your Insurance Company Pay for Part of the Roof Replacement?

In the event you need to replace your roof due to recent weather damage, you should first check with your commercial insurance provider. Some contractors are more than happy to help you out during the claims process. Additionally, they will make every effort to get your insurance company to pay for as much of the damages as possible.

Who Will Provide Maintenance for Your New Commercial Roof?

As soon as your new roof is in place, you need to start planning for future upkeep. Even with the best materials, your commercial roof will require regular maintenance. You will need to hire a roofer near you to come out once or twice annually to inspect your roofing system. It is much easier to fix small problems than wait for them to escalate.

PRO TIP: The contractor you hire for your roof repair or replacement service should be your first choice for maintaining the roof, so make sure you hire someone you can see yourself dealing with for years.

How Many Roof Layers are Currently On Your Building?

How many roof layers are on the building? Per standard building codes, buildings are allowed to have up to two roof systems on their building at a time. That said, once a building has two roofs (layers) present on it, a third layer cannot be considered nor installed. Besides breaking code requirements, no roof system manufacturer will warrant or approve this type of application.

Do You Know What Commercial Reroofing Materials Will Work Best & What Roofing System You Will Need?

Before you hire a commercial roofing contractor, you should familiarize yourself with the most common commercial roofing materials and roofing systems. There is a wide array of commercial re roofing systems and membranes to consider.


  • Single Ply TPO & PVC Roofing Systems
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Built Up Roofing “BUR”
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Spray applied Roof Coatings (Elastomeric Coatings/Roof Emulsions)

The roof on your commercial / industrial business is a vital part of the building, thus a substantial and critical investment. Whether you are considering the environmental benefits of installing green / sustainable roofing, cool roof membranes, a conventional new roof system, or are looking for ways to extend the life of an existing commercial roof system, when you hire a professional roofing company, look for one that has the credentials, experience, expertise and commitment to quality to ensure your commercial roof will be built to last and extend the life of your building.

Stone Roofing Company Offers Full Scale Commercial Reroofing & Roof Replacement Services for Los Angeles & Southern California

Serving the entire state of California since 1934, Stone Roofing is capable of handling commercial re-roofing jobs of any size or type. Our evaluation services provide customers with a full, professional report on the roof’s existing conditions, as well as recommendations to fit your budgeting needs. If your roof is nearing the end of its life cycle, the next step is ultimately the most important – selecting the right roofing contractor.

Commercial Re Roofing requires great attention to detail. In most cases, the building we are working on will be occupied while we are working. We take special care to make sure the building tenants and pedestrian traffic are safe and are inconvenienced as little as possible when we are installing your new roof system. As with all roof installation projects, we strive to exceed industry standards for safety and quality. Our roofers work under strict protocols to ensure that safety and quality expectations are exceeded. Your roof system is a serious investment, and proper application, when re-roofing, re-covering, or restoring a flat roof system, will extend the life of your roof for years to come.

We Provide High Quality Commercial Reroofing Solutions with Utmost Service

We’ll partner with you through the entire process – design and budgeting to installation and follow-up – providing service long after the roof is installed. We understand the complexities and concerns that come with commercial re-roofing: minimizing fumes, dust/debris, noise, staging, keeping the building dry… the list goes on. As we walk you through each step, we’ll explain the process and help you make an educated decision to suit your needs, requirements and budget. Remember, not all roofing contractors are created equal. Make sure you choose a trusted, certified roofing company to protect your building.

A roof replacement is a costly job, but it is well worth the expense in the long run. Make sure you get it done by the very best, most trusted roofers in your area. For commercial property owners in Los Angeles County and Southern California, Stone Roofing Company provides top quality service with over 80 years’ experience. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. We will review your roof promptly and provide you with a free quote on your commercial re-roofing project.

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