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At Stone Roofing, we have been installing Single-Ply Membrane Roofing for over 80 years. In this post, we cover everything you need to know about TPO roofing systems and how it can save you money on your roofing project.

Single ply roofing, as its name suggests, is a roofing system consisting of one layer of roof material. There are many types of single ply roofing products, most of which are abbreviated using their principal chemical compound. For example, one popular membrane material is PVC, a flexible version of polyvinyl-chloride. Another rubber-like membrane is EPDM, ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer.

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Los Angeles County-based Stone Roofing installs many different single ply roofing systems including TPO, PVC, TPA, PIB, and Hypalon. When selecting a single ply system, it is important that the system you choose is tailored to the specific project. For the very best recommendations, consult with your project manager for the best course of action based on your project parameters.

In today’s blog post we will be highlighting what you need to know about TPO Roofing Systems, including the many benefits of choosing TPO for your commercial roofing project.


One of the most popular choices available on the market today for California commercial single ply roofing systems as well as low-slope roofing solutions, TPO is the brand name for Thermoplastic Polyolefin or Thermal Polymer Olefin. Strong and durable, TPO is composed of materials combined in a thermal reactor at a molecular level; once combined, the molecules fuse together and cannot be separated, as opposed to other materials that are ground up and melted together.

With a built-in, Ultra Violet protection, TPO is also one of the lightest, most recyclable and weather-resistant materials on the market.

If you are currently evaluating your commercial roofing options, and seeking to install an energy efficient, single ply roofing membrane, consider the many benefits of TPO roofing listed below.

The Benefits of Choosing TPO Roofing Systems for Your Southern California Commercial Roof

Durability of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing systems effectively resists dirt build-up, punctures, and tears, meaning you get a strong roof product that does not need to be cleaned often, which translates to your business saving more money in the long run. TPO is also one of the most recommended single ply roofing materials used by commercial roofing companies due to its flexibility.

TPO Membranes are highly durable and because it is a polymer, it acts as a great insulator that also protects commercial buildings from the elements as it does not conduct sound, electricity, or heat as much as other materials.

Due to the nature of this material, it stands up to even the most extreme weather conditions without expanding or contracting, TPO roofing systems are also very impact resistant and resilient, making it a prime choice when considering roofing systems that will stand up to the harshest of storms.

Holding up well to long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light and chemical exposure, TPO Roofing Systems are also highly resistant to bacterial growth, debris, dirt build-up and algae so it will be easier for you to keep your commercial roof clean.

In addition to its high resistance to debris build-up, TPO’s flexible membrane allows it to withstand water damage and impact damage.

Cost Effectiveness of TPO Roofing

The cost of TPO roofing solutions make it a viable option for commercial property owners and business owners as it is relatively one of the least expensive materials used in commercial construction roofing systems, costing even less than EPDM or other rubber roofing options. TPO Roofing is also energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly, as using TPO reduces carbon emissions.

In addition, TPO Roofing Systems tend to last for 20 to 30 years, making them a great choice in terms of sustainability and long-term investment.

Energy Efficiency of TPO Roofing Materials

If you’ve seen a bright white roof, then you may be familiar with TPO roofing. As one of the most common roof types of big commercial facilities, TPO has some of the best energy savings for single-ply membrane roofing!

Due to their thermal conductivity and reflective properties, TPO single ply roofing systems tend to keep buildings cooler during hot summer months, making TPO an ideal roofing choice for facilities that handle food products, such as grocery stores. The most common TPO material is bright white with highly reflective properties. This bright white roof installation can reflect UV rays and heat from the building, saving money during the summer from decreased energy usage to cool the building interior.

In terms of keeping air conditioning costs down, the type of roofing system you choose does make a difference. It is a proven fact that buildings with lighter colored roofing are able to reflect the sun’s energy and reduce the amount of heat taken in. Not only does it benefit the building itself, but it also has a significant impact on the surrounding area as a whole. Today a key issue that comes up, especially in down town city areas is the Heat Island Effect. These reflective roofs can help reduce that effect.

The energy efficiency of TPO roofing attracts many business owners, as TPO roofing produces monumental savings on cooling fees, and is good for the environment. TPO’s white reflective surface exceeds the EPA’s energy star requirements and white, tan, and gray are indexed with the Cool Roof Rating Council. Installing a TPO roof on your commercial or industrial building will keep the indoor temperature comfortable on blistering summer days while reducing your air conditioning costs!

Simple Installation & Set-Up

Due to TPO’s lightweight and flexible properties, it is much simpler to install, as there as fewer seams. Less roofing contractor construction work and time spent on installing TPO roofing translates into instant savings for the over-all project.

It also has great flexibility to allow for movement while the roofing contractors are putting the membrane together on the roof itself. What is even more amazing is how it is able to be installed on low and high slope surfaces, as well as being able to be heated and reshaped or melted multiple times. Flexibility allows easy access to some tight areas on the roof as well as rapid installation which helps keep costs down.

Another way this innovation cuts down costs drastically is by being available in large panels and sheet sizes, reduces the number of panels/sheets needed to be ordered in a shipment as well as less welding/adhering of seams. Standard rolls of TPO come anywhere from 6 ft. wide to 12 ft. wide.

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